Filters are a powerful tool you can use to access the data you need

Most DoiT Platform APIs (*.list operations) support the filter parameter. While filters are powerful, there are a few caveats:

Different keys in the same filter will do “AND”

Example: Using platform:google-cloud|status:archived as a filter will filter the list of objects that are both for google-cloud AND have archived

Same key multiple times in the same filter will do “OR”

Example: platform:google-cloud|platform:amazon-web-services will return Known Issues that are from google-cloud OR amazon-web-services

Having multiple keys multiple times is not supported

Example: In platform:google-cloud|platform:amazon-web-services|status:archived|status:active, there are two “platform” and two “status” filters, and this is not supported in the DoiT Platform API. Using such a filter will result in an error.

The correct use of the filter, in this case, would be platform:google-cloud|platform:amazon-web-services|status:archived