Get Started

Welcome to DoiT Platform API!

API Keys

DoiT Platform API uses API keys and the HTTP Bearer authentication scheme for authentication and authorization.

After generating your API key in the DoiT Console, once you sign in, the API key will be automatically populated in the Authorization header field in the top-right corner of the API pages.

API Endpoints

The production version of the DoiT Platform API is hosted at


Choosing the right endpoint

Always use the production endpoint unless you're specifically looking for something not yet launched.

Your first request

After getting your API token, you can test it by making a request to the bare API Endpoint.

$ curl ''
    "error": "Authorization field missing"

The API key is automatically populated in the logged-in user's Authorization header field. If you need to add API key manually, make sure to use the correct format: 'Authorization: Bearer <YOUR API KEY>. Below is an example request :

$ curl --request GET \
     --head \
     --url '' \       
     --header 'Authorization: Bearer eyJhbGci...' \
     --header 'Accept: application/json'

We are happy to support you!

Using new APIs can be challenging; hence, we offer unlimited developer support to all our clients.

To open a support ticket, go to, sign in with your DoiT account, select DoiT Platform as the Cloud Platform and DoiT Platform API as the Product.

See Create a support request for more information.