Resource IDs

Get the IDs for reports, budgets, and other resources.

When using the GET request to retrieve data of a specific resource, you need to provide the resource ID as a path parameter.



Path parameter names are case-sensitive.

Resource IDs in the URL

For the following types of resources, the resource identifier is the last part of the URL of the corresponding page in the DoiT Console:

For example, the URL of the Historical Costs & Forecast report in the DoiT Console is{customerContext}/analytics/reports/ViSpueEq1iXNMcL1n6Un

The last part, ViSpueEq1iXNMcL1n6Un, is the report ID. Note that preset reports come with their own unique resource identifiers across customers.

Resource IDs in the API response body

You can use the GET method to list all the available resources. The resource IDs are found in the response body.